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Suspension Skateboards

Complete boards built with the BoostPlate Suspension System for skateboards. Engineered and heat teated to flex with your movements and absorb the road. The smoothest ride on the planet with a fluid, unique experience like no other.

BoostPlate Suspension Truck Kit

Add suspension spring plates to your board. Drill template included for mounting BoostPlates to your existing setup - your deck, your trucks, new ride.


Miniaturized leaf springs under your feet to absorb vibrations from the road. From fresh pavement to cracked sidewalks, feel the smoothest cruising possible on a board.


A fluid ride experience with deeper carving and increased turning for a surfy ride like no other.


BoostPlates compress and release with your movements, giving you a responsive ride that makes your board feel like more of an extension of your body.

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