Skate & Innovate

The shock absorbing, fluid turning, full-board suspension system for skateboards 

Suspension Cruiser Completes

Blending smooth & surf

Complete cruisers built with an integrated BoostPlate suspension system for a smooth and fluid ride experience like no other.

Not all streets were created equal

Built to absorb rough road and give you that fresh pavement feel

Fluid pumping & carving

1" floating suspension zone between your deck and your trucks to give you seamless transitions between turns

Responsive Ride

BoostPlates compress and release with your movements giving you a spring-loaded feedback with every movement.
Loose or trucks, suspension spring plates respond to the way you ride

Responsive Ride

Compressing and releasing with the you movements, BoostPlates give the rider spring-loae feeback

BoostPlate Suspension System

A miniaturized leaf spring system added to skateboards and longboards. Cut, bent, heat treated, and optimized to  [  give your board a new feel  ] 

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