A suspension system built to absorb the road and give you a smooth, surfy ride like no other 

From our Riders

Thanks to the Cruz Control community and our Kickstarter backers, we're able to get our BoostPlates all over the world  - check out what some of our riders had to say about the BoostPlate Suspension System

It’s extremely smooth on rough surfaces, which is something I immediately noticed. I live in an area with really, really bad roads and I’m very impressed with the board’s suspension ...

Whenever I’m riding the board, it feels the same way that I imagine the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 would feel. It’s floaty, smooth, and is a head turner for sure"

- Sam P

"One of my most unique boards of all time! This board is one that all my friends want to try just because of how different it looks. The smooth ride combined with nice turning makes for an awesome ride."

- Ronnie R

"Our roads out here don’t get that much attention so when I do get to go out and cruise - I really appreciate how the board soaks up the road ...

It’s a really smooth comfortable ride and if you do want to pop an ollie or two it feels like a literal spring beneath your feet."

- Caden,  D


Skate & Innovate

Born out of a love for cruising and surfing, we built the BoostPlate Suspension System for riders like us. We love our Cruz Control community and want to see it grow.

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