BoostPlate Suspension Trucks Kit

Add Cruz Control BoostPlates to a board you know and love for a smooth, new ride. 

BoostPlate Suspension Kit

USD $129.95

- 2 Suspension BoostPlates for the nose and tail of your board

- Drilling template and drill bit

- Deck and truck mounting hardware 

- Skate Tool

Cruz Control BoostPlates are formed, heat treated, and coated here in Southern California

Shock Absorbing

Suspension system for skateboards designed to absorb shock from the road and give you a smooth experience like no other. 

Fluid Turning

BoostPlates flex in different directions to give you fluid transitions between turns. A 1" floating zone for deeper carving with no wheelbite.

Responsive Ride

Heat treated to give you spring-loaded feedback with every movement. A pumptrack's best friend, letting your board feel more like an extension of your body.


The BoostPlate suspension truck kit comes with a drilling template and drill bit for adding new holes on your deck. Match your old wheelbase or adjust it for diffferent ride styles.

Upgrade your Quiver 

Your deck, your trucks, new ride.  

BoostPlates mount to standard old or new school truck pattern. Customize your setup with standard or reverse kingpin trucks you already know and love.

Skateboards, cruisers, longboards, or mountainboards - old or new, you can add suspension BoostPlates to any board in your quiver.

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Suspension Skateboards

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